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Get Your Energy Needs Met With 12 Volt Deep Cycle Batteries

Batteries provide us with an energy-saving solution to remove power outages. Australians are investing heavily in solar technology to gain independence from the local grid. It is also a step forward in creating an environmentally friendly and sustainable electricity generation system. 

Saving energy using diesel or coal is not a good idea in the current context where people are focused on reducing the impact of global warming. Solar batteries are an essential part of the solar system as you can only use solar energy if the sunlight is sufficient. The 12 volt is the most common system when discussing the electrical system. When we talk about a standard purpose battery, a 12-volt deep cycle battery solar is used to back up your office, home, or commercial setup.

Benefits Of Advanced Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries

Latest technology deep cycle lithium batteries are much more durable and provide efficient benefits that are given as:

High Power Density: Lithium-ion provides twice as much density as nickel-cadmium, making its charging capacity much stronger than other types of batteries — meaning the lithium-ion battery will take twice as nickel-cadmium batteries to provide the same power. This is especially true for power tools, smartphones, laptops, and electric vehicles, as the battery life is longer between charges for ease of operation.

Low Maintenance: Lithium-ion batteries do not need extra care to extend their life span, unlike other batteries — they do not require cycling and do not have any memory loss effect. Some batteries may need to be discharged from time to time or may drain the battery, which you can avoid when using lithium-ion. There is also no prerequisite, which makes them easy to use.

Low Discharge Rate:

The self-discharge rate of lithium-ion batteries is much lower than other types of rechargeable batteries. You may see a 4 to 5 percent decrease just after a charge, but the rate of release drops to 1 to 2 percent per month.


There are many sizes and types of lithium-ion batteries, making them easy to use in a variety of applications — for example, a rechargeable battery on your smartphone will have various power requirements than those batteries in your electric car.

 Disadvantages Of 12 Volt Deep Cycle Lithium-Ion Battery

Needs protection: The worst part of lithium-ion batteries is that they need protection from overcharging and complete discharge. This is usually achieved by adding a protective circuit within the battery itself or the device, limiting the charging and discharge functions to a minimum.


Lastly, lithium-ion costs about 40 percent more than nickel-cadmium and other traditional batteries, which means you have to spend more to get these batteries.

 Although the 12-volt deep cycle battery solar has more price than others, these are more durable and deliver high power to the electrical or electronic devices. These batteries are a great way to meet your energy requirements. Thus, you need to contact the best and well-known company that can provide you efficient quality deep cycle lithium batteries at reasonable prices.

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